Are a team of entrepreneurs that created multiple leading companies in LatAm such as, ZonaJobs, DeMotores, ZonaProp, Zonacitas, whose sales valuation was over US $ 200 million and today form part of the biggest and most successful companies in LatAm: MercadoLibre and Navent.

The current team has been working together for 15 years and we use our knowledge and experience to develop new disruptive Digital Businesses to help leading companies incubate successful Startups.

Guido Grinbaum

Founder & Managing Partner

Mariana Tófalo

CEO Argentina

Romina Cierroni


Federico Giesenow

Managing Partner

Ezequiel Szechet

Co Founder & CTO

Ariel Carbonaro

Co Founder & Android Leader

Guido Goñi

Co Founder & iOS Leader

Gonzalo Bermúdez

Co Founder & Software Architect

Maximiliano Vásquez

Software Architect

Johanna Asa

Android Developer

Juan Pablo Cuervo

FullStack Developer

Hernan Bessera

FullStack Web Developer

Fernando Draghi

iOS Developer

Jorge Sarán

UX Lead & Art Director

Sebastián Villanueva

Web Developer & Designer

Sofía Ricciari

UX Designer

Román Lopez

Web Designer

Tomás Mindlin


Ignacio Santa Cruz


Martin Elizalde


Roger Berman


Ariane Freitas

Brand & Client Solutions

Francisco Nascimento

Brand & Client Solutions

Miranda Doberti

Brand & Client Solutions

Guido Manfredi

Wabi Operations General Manager

Lawrence Daniels

Business Manager

Victoria Labat

Business Manager

Belén Benavidez

Business Manager

Francisco Arrieta

Business Manager

Carla Maidana